Does Positive Thinking Work?

negative thoughts, does positive thinking work?

Does Positive Thinking Work? YES! It does work. And if you want to know why positive thinking is important, all you have to do is take a look around you.

Look at your life and look at the lives of those people who are closest to you. You will start to see a pattern. The people who moan all the time, are down or that seem negative, tend to attract negative situations and even drama (and not in a good way – life isn’t a soap opera, but sometimes their lives seem like it!). They always have a story to tell about how they had ‘a nightmare of a weekend’ or ‘the holiday from hell’. They never seem to be happy and they never have anything much to say that is positive.

The people who are positive and have a positive attitude, attract opportunities, they seem ‘lucky’, and more importantly they also seem happy. When you ask them how their weekend went, they will say ‘great thanks, how about you?’ and they may tell you about a birthday BBQ or a day out with the kids, but they don’t MOAN or gossip about a relative, or want to be the centre of attention for the latest instalment of their drama. They are great to be around and we feel light when we are near them.

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Are you listening to what YOUR mind, body and spirit needs?


Are you listening to what YOUR mind, body and spirit needs?

We listen to what we want (our goals). We listen to what our loved ones want, and even what they need.

And we want to give it to them, if at all possible, because we want them to be happy.   But can you honestly say that you know what YOU need right now?  Are you listening to what will make YOU happy?

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Procrastination Buster! 5 Questions to help you GET UNSTUCK

Procrastination Buster

Are you overwhelmed and procrastinating? Worrying about why you never seem to get things DONE?


This (short) slideshare video is just for you!   Grab a pen and a journal and remember to TAKE ACTION.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” ~ Pablo Picasso

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What to do when life feels a bit… shit

what to do when life feels shit

These days I really love my life (mostly!).

It hasn’t always been like this, but after years of working on my inner junk – life feels good, most of the time.

I can appreciate the things around me, not just my beautiful family, but little things like listening to the birds singing in my garden or finding a parking space in a great spot, just when I’m running late for an appointment. These are the silly little things that make my day happier and keep me positive and loving life. :-)

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