If you are struggling to cope with negative thoughts or emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, overwhelm or even PANIC.

If you sometimes feel completely alone, even when surrounded by people – because you feel that they just don’t ‘get you’ or understand what you are going through.

Discover how you can relieve stress, overcome negative emotions (without medication) AND increase confidence, starting today…


Mel Healing That Feeling


Hi, I’m Mel and I specifically designed Healing That Feeling to help women, just like you, who are really struggling to cope with negative thoughts; the inner critic and negative emotions; panic attacks, depression, stress, anxiety and anger.


I would love to help you.  

In fact, I want YOU to be one of my future success stories!


Believe it or not, there is NO REASON for you to struggle alone with this inner turmoil, because there is a simple solution that can help you.



Give me just 7 days and I will show you the exact methods that I use to help my clients relieve stress, let go of inner blocks and build confidence.  


The Healing That Feeling 7 Day e-course will show you how to …

  * GET CLEAR about what you want AND what’s keeping you stuck.

  * LET GO of negative thoughts or emotions (such as anger, overwhelm, depression and even extreme emotions such as panic attacks).

  * Discover your inner blocks (your old beliefs systems that are no longer serving you) and how to get rid of them.

  * Relieve stress and learn to feel calm and in control.

  * Build your inner confidence.

Do you want to get your mojo back and start enjoying life?  


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Still Not Convinced?

Don’t worry, I totally understand your fear of the future and scepticism of the unknown. Because I have experienced that too.  In fact, that is exactly how Healing that Feeling was developed.

I spent over 15 years trying to cure my severe phobia and nothing seemed to help and believe me when I say I was getting desperate.  I felt totally overwhelmed, constantly stressed and I was starting to lose hope that I was ever going to be happy.  But I was determined to find an answer and finally, I did and the Healing That Feeling process was born.


Healing That Feeling makes it possible for you to finally LET GO of all of these inner blocks and inner resistance.

Here are a couple of testimonials from people who have worked with me…

Overcoming depression without medication and getting over grief with eft


Fear of Flying and claustrophobia EFT


But what these testimonials don’t say is that Lesley waited 30 YEARS to get help with her severe phobia, and Jo waited 10 years to get help for her depression and emotional pain!  

How many years have you waited already?

Don’t delay your happiness any longer – time doesn’t wait, it keeps ticking along regardless.


DON’T WAIT! Once those inner blocks are gone, nothing can stand in your way and the long term transformations that I see people make are truly amazing.

So…are you ready to get rid of your inner gunk and rule the world?

OK, maybe not quite rule the world, but YES you really can finally start living the life you’ve been dreaming about – move abroad, get your dream job, start your own business, or even just get off your medication for depression/anxiety – I guarantee that the only thing that is standing in your way is your inner beliefs and blocks.

Whatever big crazy dream that YOU have always wanted to do, it is possible.


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What is Healing That Feeling?

Healing That Feeling is a unique combination of holistic healing techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnotherapy, NLP and Visualisations which was developed by me as I tried many different methods to overcome depression, anxiety and my severe phobia.  I started to blend the best parts of each technique to get the best possible results.

It works!  It’s not a magic pill and it takes work, but it worked for me and it works for my clients, even when nothing else does.