Friday Funnies Week 1 #Fridayfunnies

Welcome to a new segment of the Healing That Feeling blog that I will be doing each week – The Friday Funnies.

This blog deals with very serious issues ranging from past trauma to depression and negative thoughts, but humour has played a HUGE part in my life even in my darkest of days, and so I wanted to do something each week to lighten the load and show that even when times seem completely void of hope – there is always something to amuse, inspire or help you to see things in a different way.

That is the ONLY purpose of The Friday Funnies.

If you would like to contribute to next week’s instalment, please send your link to on twitter @Mel_Healing with the hashtag #FridayFunnies

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How To Create Your Perfect Day

create your perfect dayHaving a great morning routine is really important if you want to avoid stress and overwhelm.

This simple morning meditation routine will help you to create your perfect day just by using visualisations.

Spring is here in the UK and one of the things that starts to happen to me at this time of year is that I wake up earlier. Don’t you just love waking up in the morning to your own body clock, rather than an alarm or a child jumping on your head? It doesn’t happen to me often(!) but when it does, I have a special little routine that I use to create my ‘perfect’ day.

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