Discover how YOU can relieve stress, overcome negative thoughts & emotions (without the need for medication) AND increase your confidence and self esteem, starting today…

Hi, I’m Mel and I specifically designed Healing That Feeling to help women, just like you, who are really struggling to cope with negative thoughts; the inner critic and negative emotions; panic attacks, depression, stress, anxiety and anger.

Give me just 7 days and I will show you the exact methods that I use to help my clients relieve stress, let go of inner blocks, and also to create a positive mind and increase confidence and self esteem.

The Healing That Feeling E-Course will show you…


    I will show you how to get some real clarity about what you want AND what’s keeping you stuck.

  • LET GO

    I will show you numerous techniques that I use to help clients let go of their negative thoughts or emotions (such as anger, overwhelm, depression and even extreme emotions such as panic attacks).


    Discover your inner blocks (your old beliefs systems that are no longer serving you) and I will teach you exactly how to get rid of them.


    Finally, I will show you how to build confidence and self esteem and also, how to encourage a positive mind.

Are you ready to get your mojo back and start LIVING life?

Here are some testimonials from people who have already worked with me…

But what these testimonials don’t say is how long these ladies waited to get help – Lesley waited 30 years, Jo waited 10 years and Michelle waited 8 years.

What a waste! How many years have YOU waited already?

Don’t waste another minute, because once those inner blocks are gone, nothing can stand in your way and the long term transformations that I see people make are truly amazing.